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What are the skills, functions, and job roles needed for a successful web project development?

System Development Life Cycle

How can we utilize the stages in the standard System Development Life Cycle?

Other System Development Methodologies

What are some other common system development methodologies?

Application of System Development Life Cycle to Web Development

How can we apply the System Development Life Cycle to web development projects?

Conceptualization Phase

What opportunities can be identified and what goals can be determined during the Conceptualization phase?

Analysis Phase

What information topics and site requirements are determined during the Analysis phase?

Design Phase

What is involved in creating the site map, page layout, prototype, and documentation during the Design phase?

Production Phase

How do we complete the web pages and associated files during the Production phase?

Testing Phase

How do we verify the functionality of the web site and use a test plan during the Testing phase?

Client Approval and Launch

What is the process to obtain client approval and launch a web site?

Maintenance Phase

How do we modify and enhance the web site during the Maintenance phase?

Evaluation Phase

How do we compare the goals of the web site to the results during the Evaluation phase?

Choosing the Right Web Host Provider

How can we find the right web host provider for our web site?

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